Guide - Taste - Kani Doraku Shinjuku Honten (かに道楽新宿本店(関東エリア本店))

Kani Doraku Shinjuku Honten (かに道楽新宿本店(関東エリア本店))

Kani Doraku must-try seafood restaurant
Opening Hours 11.30am - 11pm daily

A huge moving crab signboard hanging on the wall of Shinjuku Honten means Kani Doraku! This is definitely a must-try luxurious crab restaurant in Japan, while sitting on the tatami, you can enjoy delicious seafood. Although the price is a bit expensive, it’s worth trying if you are a tourist and love new food experiences. The taste is unforgettable!

Transport Shinjuku 3-chome Station, 3-minute walk from Exit B3
+81 03 3352 0096
Theatre Bldg 7, 8F, 3-14-20, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
東京都新宿区新宿3-14-20 テアトルビル7・8階

1. Low-set tables on a tatami floor invite you to sit and enjoy delicious dishes in the traditional Japanese way.

2. As a traditional Japanese restaurant, Kani Doraku requires guests to remove their shoes before entering their private room.

3. From deep-fried crab croquette to crabs shabu-shabu and even raw crab sashimi, the menu has a vast selection of crab-based dishes.

4. Uncertain about what to order? Kani Doraku offers several set menus that include its signature dishes. Hard to choose just one item, huh?

5. The beautiful presentations, delicious flavours and traditional ambience make Kani Doraku the perfect date-night destination!

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