Guide - Taste - Ohmiya Patisserie (近江屋洋菓子店)

Ohmiya Patisserie (近江屋洋菓子店)

Opening Hours Monday to Saturday, 9am - 7pm; Sundays and national holidays, 10am-5.30pm; Closed on New Year's Day (for New Year’s holidays, please contact us)

Ohmiya Patisserie is a store with a Showa retro feel. You can buy inexpensive apple pies and shortcakes, but the most popular product is its fruit punch. This jewellery box of fruit in a jar is an excellent treat to spoil yourself with and makes a perfect present too.

+81 3 3251 0291
2-4 Kanda Uwajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0063

1. Ohmiya cakes made with fresh fruit wait to satisfy your appetite.

2. After tasting the perfect combination of chestnut and chocolate, you can’t stop asking for more!

3. The shop owner goes to the market at 5:30 every day to pick the best fresh fruit!

4. Patisseries always make a nice dessert for a leisurely afternoon tea.

5. Colourful and fresh fruit is paramount to making the best fruit cakes.

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