Guide - See / Do - Kamata (蒲田の見どころ)

Kamata (蒲田の見どころ)

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A hop and a skip away from Haneda Airport lies Kamata, located in the centre of the Ota Ward. It’s known as the centre of technical prowess, with rows of precision machine factories lining the town. Chances are that your smartphone, and even the GPS satellites helping you navigate, are using components made in Kamata. Yet Kamata also has an old-fashioned side. If you take a leisurely stroll down the quaint shopping street near the station, you’ll discover a whole new side of Tokyo you never knew existed.


1. Traditional Japanese restaurants abound in the Kamata region with Manpei being one of best choices.

2. Besides sushi and sashimi, cutlet is also a renowned Japanese dish.

3. Who can say no to flatbread as they enjoy the leisurely side of Tokyo?

4. People have said greenery is rare in Kamata; yet, you can still find it if you look close enough.