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Tokyo Daijingu Shrine

Need a little sparkin your romance? Pay a visit to Tokyo Daijingu Shrine
Opening Hours 6am - 6pm, daily

When it comes to love and romance, you may turn to Tokyo Daijingu Shrine in Tokyo. Built in 1880, the shrine grants people the opportunity to worship the Grand Shrine of Ise. The site gained popularity when lovebirds started to pray for their long-lasting love there. Looking for a way to show gratitude to your partner or wondering how to find a new love interest? Come, pray and find out.

Transport Iidabashi Station via JR Sobu Line
+81 3 3262 3566
2-4-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071

1. The purple entrance curtain marks the main hall of Tokyo Daijingu, one of the five major shrines in Tokyo.

2. Before entering the shrine, you need to purify yourself at the chozuya (purification fountain) by washing first your left hand, then right, and then your mouth.

3. Don’t miss the Iitomi Inari Shrine beside the Grand Shrine, dedicated to Inari, the patron kami (spirit) of prosperity and a popular figure of worship in Shinto.

4. Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is always bustling with women seeking love, as it is famous for answering the prayers of those with an interest in romance.

5. Ema are wooden votive tablets on which you can write your wishes – but remember that you have to leave it at the shrine for your prayers to be heard!

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