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Tokyo Budokan

Experience Japanese martial arts such as kendo, judo and karate
Opening Hours 9am to 8.45pm daily. Close one to three days per month. For details, please check the website

Tokyo Budokan should not be missed, if you are fond of Japanese martial arts. Unlike other Budokans where concerts are also held, the Tokyo Budokan is a genuine arena exclusively built for martial arts. Many martial arts tournaments are held in Tokyo Budokan, as well as training sessions.Inside the Budokan, you will find people practicing various kinds martial arts like kendo, judo, karate and archery.

Transport Ayase Station (5-minute walk)
Tokyo Budokan, 3-20-1 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0005
東京都足立区綾瀬3-20-1 東京武道館

1. The budokan is an important venue for all budo (martial arts), including kendo, judo, karate, and kyudo, and a must-visit for martial arts fans.

2. Tokyo Budokan can hold about 14,000 people. Its facilities are made available for events such as tournaments and demonstrations.

3. Also held here is the All Japan Dojo Youth Kendo Tournament, which offers a great opportunity for young people to bond and build new friendships.

4. Some tournaments, primarily on weekends, offer free admission. Check the annual schedule for the chance to watch live martial arts in Tokyo!

5. Read from right to left, the words on the plaque literally mean “martial arts hall” – a humble name for such an important venue!

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