Guide - See / Do - Happo-en Garden

Happo-en Garden

A beautiful Japanese garden with history

Happo-en has a well-preserved Japanese garden dating back to the early Edo Period. The garden is well-decorated with bonsai – the art of encapsulating the grandeur of nature in a pot. The experience of strolling the Bonsai Road is simply wonderful. You can temporarily escape from the urban scenery and enjoy the peaceful ambience. The Chinese juniper and the Yezo spruce, both of which are about 500-year-old, are the highlight bonsais of the garden. They have greeted visitors for years.

Transport Shirokanedai Station, Exit 2 or Meguro Station, the east exit; or A Happo-en shuttle bus ride from the Takanawa exit of JR Shinagawa Station
+81 3 3441 7888
1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo