Guide - Experience - Shimizu-yu Sento

Shimizu-yu Sento

Go back to the old times and bathe at a sento
Opening Hours 12pm - 12am (weekdays); 12pm - 11pm (weekends and holidays)

Unlike onsens, sentos are public bathhouses using the good old municipal water system. They were originally made for people who didn’t have bathrooms in their houses. Nowadays, some of the older parts of town and cheaper apartment complexes still have such facilities. Try one of these old-school sentos in Tokyo and experience the authentic Japanese lifestyle.

Transport Omotesando station exit A4
+81 3 3401 4404
3-12-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

1. Many Japanese families still visit sento (public bathhouses) together as they have done for almost a millennium.

2. Remodelled with a shiny new facade, the bathhouse is an eye-catching landmark to visitors using Omotesando Station.

3. Lines of lockers can be found in the entryway. As in many other places in Japan, customers have to take off their shoes before entering.

4. Entrance tickets to the bath can be purchased through the vending machines just inside the doors. Vouchers for various goods are also available.

5. This traditional public bathhouse has served the neighbourhood for many years. Today it also welcomes tourists interested in experiencing traditional Japan.

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