Guide - Experience - Myoujin no Yu

Myoujin no Yu

Stop by this massive onsen with an American twist
Opening Hours 10am - 12am; closed every 3rd Tuesday

Myojin no Yu is an impressive Onsen located near Matsudo Station. It was styled to mimic Japan after the war but in reality looks like something out of the American Frontier period. The end result? Think more of a rustic cabin atmosphere and you’ll get the picture. Indoor and outdoor sections of spas are available.

Transport A bit of a walk if you don’t have a car. From JR Kameari Station, take the Tobu bus, no. 25 or 27 to Oyata
+81 35613 2683
1-18-1 Oyada, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0001

1. The hot, iron-rich waters of the onsen are considered to be beneficial to circulation and joints, and a boon to those with sore muscles.

2. After a long, relaxing soak, you can book a luxurious massage and enjoy a refreshing meal.

3. Two wooden indoor baths and a series of outdoor baths of varying temperature allow you to choose the soak that best fits your comfort level.

4. If you plan to spend the day, you can even rent Japanese-style clothing and bathe at your leisure.

5. Enjoy a taste of true relaxation in the midst of the city at this comfortable onsen.

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