3 100 yen stores you can’t miss this Summer in Tokyo

 Summer is coming up and it’s time to try new things without breaking the bank! Since we’ve covered budget Japanese Michelin restaurants in the past, its time for the classic dollar store.


They are always a good place to find goods for some quality interior decorating. Japan is known for it’s quirky designs and the following ‘dollar stores’ (100 yen) with definitely satisfy your want to try something new every single day!


  1. DAISO

Speaking of dollar stores, the classic DAISO is the quintessential Japanese lifestyle store experience. Filled with different lifestyle goods with uses you’ve never thought of before, the crowds may be a little overwhelming, but it’s worth it for all those good finds.


  1. Natural Kitchen

  Also providing lifestyle goods, Natural Kitchen provides homeware and diningware with a rustic edge. Great for if you’re looking for basic items to make your table extra instagram worthy.



What’s summer without snacks and chatting while sharing a nice cold drink with friends or colleagues? With a simple and rustic interior, HIYAKU STYLE is a 100 yen store inspired bar. The price more than makes up for the fact that there are no seats in the establishment, with most of its drinks and food at only 100yen, it’s a definite frugal experience!

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