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Know the city of Tokyo


Tokyo is a city of infinite possibility. Whether it be art, shopping, dining, or something else entirely, we know a place in Tokyo that has what you’re looking for.

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Dress in Tokyo’s top 9 fashion brands

Tokyo is one of the leading global fashion hubs and many of its districts are well known for their ....


Try Japan’s latest beauty trend with these must-have goodies

Right now Igarashi makeup is making a big splash in Japan. Designed by the makeup artist .....


Tokyo’s latest themed restaurants

Did you think Tokyo couldn’t get any wilder? Well, we’ve got a handful of restaurants that’ll offer up....


Superb sushi spots you shouldn’t miss in Tokyo

When you think of Japanese food, the first thing that comes tomind is sushi. So why not sample some of Tokyo’s finest?....

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Let’s talk Japanese in Tokyo

Tokyo Travel Speaking like local


Indulge in fine Michelin-grade dining for less

Everyone’s heard of France’s famous Michelin Guides, but did you know that Tokyo has more ......


Japanese fusion restaurants to kick-start your culinary adventure

Sometimes it’s better to gradually edge your way into the water instead of diving right in. This applies to most foreign travellers curious about trying out traditional Japanese cuisine and we’re here to help you do just that!


Add a sweet touch to your Tokyo holiday

From Western confectionary stores making world-class pastries to stores of more than 100 years old making traditional Japanese sweets, Tokyo presents an endless range of desserts. Let us introduce you to this delectable world of sweetness!

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