See the future anew at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, better known locally as Miraikan, has spruced up its permanent exhibition with a host of new displays and content added guaranteed to reignite your imagination.

For instance, the flagship exhibit Geo-Cosmos – a vast globe installed in an oval bridge in an air corridor – has been upgraded with a Geo Prism tool. This allows the manipulation of data through augmented reality and superimposes that on the Geo-Cosmos, among a number of other new displays.

Located in Aomi, Koto-ku and originally opened in 2001, the museum allows visitors to explore and experience an ideal world 50 years into the future and challenges you to think about what people should do now in order to achieve that.

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is offering free entry to the Dome Theatre and the permanent exhibition from 20th-24th April to celebrate the makeover of its permanent exhibition.

However, visitors will need to purchase a separate ticket, priced at 620 yen (US$5.50) for adults, to see the GAME ON: Why are videogames so interesting? special exhibition, which runs concurrently.

Or it would be well worth your money to get the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation’s annual pass. At 1,230 yen, annual members are entitles to a 10 per cent discount in the museum café, a 5 per cent discount in the museum shop, in addition to unlimited admission to the museum. Now that’s foresight!

Address: 2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Tel: +81 3 3570 9151
Opening hours: 10am – 5pm
Closed: Tuesdays (except public holidays) and 28 December - 1 January
Admission: Adults – 620 yen; 18 years and below – 210 yen

Credit: Kaoru Omiya


Credit: Kaoru Omiya


Credit: Kaoru Omiya


Credit: Kaoru Omiya


Credit: Kaoru Omiya

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